If you have ever looked at the ingredients list for most dog treats you will find a horrifying list items that certainly do not belong in food...for people or animals.   For many years we searched for dog treats that were simple, healthy and free of chemicals which was a huge challenge.  Sadly, after finding a few our dogs did not find them acceptable for their refined canine palates.  

As avid bakers we decided to create a few recipes of our own with the hope of coming up with a treat that was pleasing to our royal pups.  After much trial and error we created a collection of recipes that not only were enjoyed by own our dogs but the dogs of our friends.  

Soon we found our friends and family asking us for more treats...and telling their friends about our special healthy dog treats...and so The Royal Woofery was born.  Our goal is to provide dogs with the quality of treats they deserve so that they are healthy and with us for years to come.  Our biscuits are always made from simple organic ingredients and we will never use chemicals or harmful preservatives.